Life Insurance

Providing funding solutions in case of an unexpected event for both families and businesses for either a fixed period or lifetime.

Life insurance made easy:

What is life insurance?  A policy that pays out if you die. There are generally two types of life insurance: Term Life and Permanent. Term is for a fixed period of time. Permanent can often not be out lived and often has a cash value component.

When you need it:  If your death would cause a financial hardship to someone like your spouse or family. Businesses also utilize life insurance to fund the loss of a key employee or as a means of funding the obligation to a business partners spouse due to his or her death.

Life insurance payout:  Called a death benefit. It will go to the person (or people) you designate as the beneficiary,

Comparing prices:  Even if you have medical conditions, because of the independent nature of our practice, we compare life insurance quotes from several companies in order to determine the most competitive premium.

Cash value life insurance:  Policies that contain an account that can build up money over time. Eventually you may be able to withdraw the money or take a loan against it. Policies with cash value may include whole life, universal life and Index universal life. Term life insurance has no cash value.

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